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Cosplay: Hera Syndulla Make-Up Tutorial


Since Star Wars Celebration, I’ve had a number of requests about my Hera Syndulla make-up, so here is a quick (first ever) tutorial video of my process and products used.

Apologies for the iffy sound, my microphone was acting up!

When cosplaying Hera I always try to find the balance between her animated perfection and the realities of my distinctive facial shape. Rather than trying to directly translate her onto my face through extreme contouring, I try to focus on capturing the essence of her in a believable and relatable way. No skinny ’90’s brows for me!

This is a waterbased tutorial, as I’m not a fan of alcohol based, but I promise you that I managed to get 12+ hours of wear out of this each day at Star Wars Celebration. Beyond the base-make-up and sealer, I mostly use every day beauty make-up which makes this fairly easy to do on a budget or using make-up that you possibly already have. There is a full list of products below the video. Feel free to comment if you have any questions. Safe flying, Rebels!

A professional costumier working in the UK film industry since 2010, I spend my working day helping to create costumes for screen and my free time over-analysing costume on screen. This blog is a collection of my meta and analysis. By marrying historical, pop cultural and professional knowledge I hope to share the nuance and narrative importance of costume. All thoughts are subjective and entirely my own.

6 comments on “Cosplay: Hera Syndulla Make-Up Tutorial

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  3. Kerrie jacobs

    Hi, I love your Hera costume and I’m in the process of making my Hera costume this is my first ever costume and have decided to try&make my own head peice and I was just wondering what colour green you used for your head peice so it matches your face colour, thank you. Kerrie.


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  5. Thanks! It was definitely the most difficult cosplay we’ve tried making so far!


  6. Thanks! It was definitely the most difficult cosplay we’ve tried making so far!


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