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Imperial musings

I got this gorgeous, fascinating (painfully appropriate) book for Christmas, and now I desperately want to see more fashion under the Empire, particularly on the core worlds. The sharp transition from the variety, the colour, the organic shapes and drapes and sheer opulence of Republic fashions into the sharp, dour, militaristic and utilitarian Imperial fashions fashions. The uncertainty as the shapes begin to bleed. The awkwardness of those who desperately want to be fashionable, to be seen as fashionable and embracing of this new regime but are reluctant to lose their gaudy embellishments, their sumptuous velvets, their bold colours. The starkness of the senators who choose to retain their own styles, who choose to continue in the tradition of their homeworlds. The slow creep creep creep of absence of individuality and expression bleeding out of coruscant across the galaxy, hitting the frontier of the outer rim where fashion never had any place. Rebels fiercely clinging to their earthy tones, their drape and layers and soft shapes, forming their own uniforms and fashions and identities.

1 comment on “Imperial musings

  1. Those are all excellent points (I also feel like there would be people who would obsessively keep track of those who deliberately keep more to the traditional fashions of their homeworlds. It seems like someone in one of those supposed intelligence bureaus – the ISB or something – would have a list of these Senators, etc., as possible subversives).


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