Concept recycling: Mace Windu



This initial design [for Mace Windu] is based on ILM modeler Steve Alpin’s face; Samuel L. Jackson had yet to be cast. The costume is the product of scribbling. People ask how i know when to stop scribbling, and decide work is finished. I say you have to go too far and destroy it, because then you know when you should have stopped and can go back. If you don’t, you leave untold riches out there.

Iain McCaig, The Art of the Phantom Menace

Another recycled concept! This time the lovely Rig Nema from the Clone Wars form an unused Mace Windu concept. I haven’t looked through the TPM art book since… I don’t remember when. Before I got into Rebels and TCW, so I’m noticing a lot of those recycled concepts for the first time.

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